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Tour support

We can help you to set up your meeting! We will organize everything you want. Pick up in the airport, professional interpreter, we will find a hotel and best restaurant for you! Please contact our tour support managers at

1 312 252-0103 (travel & meeting arrangements customer support line)

Dating tips

  • Bring flowers. Flowers play a much more important role in Ukraine than they do in the West. A single rose is appropriate for a first date. If you meet your lady's family, be sure to bring flowers to her mother. Always buy an odd number of flowers--even numbers are considered bad luck. Also, never buy yellow roses (can signal a decrease in feelings or the end of a relationship).
  • Dress your best. Ukrainian citizens do not share the altruistic "looks aren't important" mentality that has spread through the West. First impressions are very important to them. You will notice that on the street, people will look first at your clothes, then at your face.
  • Don't try to shake hands. Women in Ukraine do not consider it feminine to shake hands when they meet. Also, in the winter, make sure you take off your right glove before you shake hands with a man. To fail to do so is considered rude.
  • Offer your lady your arm. Usually, men and women do not hold hands in Ukraine when they walk together. Instead, the woman takes the man's arm. Be sure you always offer your arm to your lady when you cross the street. Help your lady onto/off of vehicles. Many Westerners are not accustomed to using public transportation systems and forget this courtesy. When the two of you get onto or off of buses, trams, taxis, etc., always extend your hand to help your lady.
  • Always do the pouring. When at dinner or at a bar, always make sure that your lady's glass is full. The man always does the pouring. This is an old custom but very deeply ingrained. If you forget to do this, she may think you have no table manners.
  • Don't drink much alcohol. One of the main reasons Ukrainian ladies are interested in Western men is that alcoholism runs as much as 50% among males in this part of the world, which causes them to be less than desirable husbands. Therefore, when it comes to drinking, you should always show moderation and self-control.
  • Take off your shoes in her home. To avoid bringing dirt into their homes, Ukrainian citizens almost never wear their shoes inside. Instead, they wear slippers. They usually have an extra pair or two for guests near the front door. If they don't, simply take off your shoes and remain in your stocking feet (Note: because of this custom, you might want to pay careful attention to the socks you choose to wear!).


It is not necessary to bring food with you to Kiev. You can buy everything here now (including Western products).

Tips at Ukrainian restaurants can depend on your satisfaction with the service, but average around 10%. The middle price for the dinner at the Ukrainian restaurants (in Kiev) is about $ 20 – $ 40 without alcohol and $40 – $55 with alcohol for one person. In other cities, it can be a little bit cheaper.

Places to avoid in Kiev (very high price):

1. Velour - dinner amount for 2 person with alcohol is about $4,000

2. Belveder - dinner amount for 2 person with alcohol is about $3,500

3. Inter-Comtinetntal - dinner amount for 2 person with alcohol is about $2,500

4. Decadence house - dinner amount for 2 person with alcohol is about $1,500

5. Ikra and Buddha Bar - dinner amount for 2 person with alcohol is about $1,000

If you are not planning to pay these money just for dinner, before visiting any restaurant better find out , what is the middle price for dinner.


Rate of exchange is about 8 hryvnias (plural - hryvna) to $1,00 Exchange kiosks are plentiful in all larger towns and cities and in all hotels. If traveling into the countryside, exchange dollars prior to leaving the city. Travelers checks are very rarely accepted, however credit cards can be used at larger hotels, stores and restaurants. Please note that you will receive money in UAH currency according to the National Bank of Ukraine Rate. Please mind that via ATMs you are not able to take more than $ 200 of cash per day from your account. You will be able to pay by credit card in restaurants, hotels and many shops


Very often you can read myths on various web-pages about bloodthirsty mafia, scary policemen, harassments and crimes in Kiev - things that rarely happened even in 90's. Ukraine is different from Russia police and nobody is going to check your documents on the streets or search your bags and pockets. Kiev is 5 times safer than Moscow and 17 times safer than New York. Kreschatik Street is a nice place where the whirl of life does not disappear before midnight. Simply use your common sense - do not flash your thick wallet of cash sticking out of the back pocket of your jeans. In fact, Kiev is much safer place then London, Paris and New York. Street crime exists as anywhere, but on a lower degree and usually people who are not looking for troubles will be not meeting troubles. There are no crime districts in Kiev, but the center is much more adapted for night walking.

At the moment, police is the most corrupted organization in Ukraine, and they will do nothing to help you without bribe but will do everything to assign your money. Be sure your documents are ok.

Business Hours

An eight-hour day is considered a normal work day, Monday through Friday. A lunch break is taken between the hours of 1:00pm and 2:00pm. Most banks are open without breaks, Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.


In Kiev

Kiev telephone numbers consist of 7 digits. The Kiev area code (if you make a call on Ukrainian territory) - 044. Ukraine code - 380. If you call to Kiev from abroad, dial 380 44 and the telephone number.

If you stay in a hotel, you will pay for your calls separately, depending on the hotel's policy. In apartments, all local calls are included in your payment. Dial 0, wait for a second dial tone and then dial the city code and subscriber's number. The city code and telephone number together should consist of 10 digits.

If you call abroad, dial 8 - dial tone - 10 - country code - city code and number. Long distance phone services in Ukraine are operated by 'Utel". The rates for calls to Europe are about $0.60 - $1.50 per minute. Calls to the USA are about $1.80 per minute. In some apartments, international access is blocked.

Mobile operators

How to Use a Cell Phone in Ukraine

1. Obtain the correct plug adapter from an electronics store before you leave home so that you can charge your cell phone while in Ukraine. Ukraine uses plug type "C."

2. Use a transformer that can handle 220 volts, which is the voltage used in Ukraine, when charging your cell phone. Your cell phone will likely burn up if you do not use the correct transformer.

3. Call your cell phone provider to make sure that they offer phone coverage in Ukraine. Ask to be upgraded to international roaming.

4. Consider renting a cell phone or SIM card to use with your personal cell phone if your cellular company does not offer coverage in Ukraine.

The most popular standards are GSM or CDMA, so you need to find out which standard do you have . Most cell phones 3 or 4 standard will work in Russia and Ukraine. So if you would like to take your cell phone with you , you need to find out at the instruction, it should be GSM 850/900/1800/1900.

You can buy a new one and use a prepaid-card. The start package costs UAH100 in most companies. Europeans can use their telephones, having bought the start package.


The 'Telegroup' company will assist you in calls abroad that will be billed to your partners and relatives. Call their English-speaking operator at 562 4796.


International Airport, located 40 kilometers from the city center. Taxis can be ordered from your apartment (hotel). Approximate price for taxi from 3 to 8 grivnas per kilometer.


220V, 50Hz. Adaptor with round plugs is necessary if your appliances are for US/Canada electric net.

Internet Cafes

You will be informed about the nearest Internet cafes on your arrival if you use our services. There are many Internet cafes all around the city. Many of them are open round-the-clock and will cost you from UAH 5 to 10 per hour.


The usual price for translator in Kiev and Kharkov is $20 – $25 per hour. But mostly 20$. In other cities – $15 – $ 20 per hour. But mostly $15 .

Apartment (hotel)

Approx. price $ 80 – $120 per night.