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 ''If you don't find an answer to your question on this page or on the Help page, do not hesitated to [[Contact_us|contact us]]''
== '''First time visitor (before you join)''' ==
''Who we are, how we operate''
=== Are all those girls real? ===
=== I don't want to send my credit card details over the Internet. Can I pay by other means? ===
Yes. Once you become a member, you can purchase credits by credit card as well as other [[paymentoptionsPayment_Options|payment options]]. == '''New Member''' == ''Your profile, communicating, technical''
=== Why am I getting so many letters? ===
If you are waiting for a response from a lady, it might take anywhere from 1 to 3 days, or sometimes more. If you are not receiving a notification about a response in your email, please log into your profile on our site and check your Inbox. Her response may be waiting for you there. Our system automatically notifies you by email when you have mail in your Inbox on our site, but sometimes these automatic notifications may be blocked by your provider's spam filters.
== '''The Next Step. Travelling to Russia or Ukraine''' ==
''Some common questions about travelling to Russia and Ukraine''
=== Is Russia a safe country? What about Ukraine? ===